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Akane Alexander Ambrosia American Beauty
American Golden Pippin Ananas Reinette Arkansas Black Ashmead's Kernel
Baldwin Belle de Boskoop Ben Davis Benoni
Black Oxford Blondee Blue Pearmain Blushing Golden
Braeburn Bramley's Seedling Brock Burgundy
Calville Blanc d'Hiver Cameo Chandler Chenango
Chestnut Crab Apple Chinook Claygate Pearmain Connell Red
Corail (Pinova) Cortland Cox's Orange Pippin Creston
CrimsonCrisp Crow Egg D'Arcy Spice Dabinett
Davey Deacon Jones Duchess of Oldenburg Dyer
Early Joe Early McIntosh Early Strawberry Elstar
Empire Enterprise Envy Esopus Spitzenburg
Fall Harvey Fall Pippin Fallawater Fortune
Freedom Fuji Gala Gilpin
Ginger Gold Golden Delicious Golden Pippin Golden Russet
Golden Supreme GoldRush Granite Beauty Granny Smith
Gravenstein Green Newtown Pippin Grimes Golden Hampshire
Haralson Harry Masters Jersey Hidden Rose Hightop Sweet
Holly Holstein Honeycrisp Howgate Wonder
Hubbardston Nonesuch Hudson's Golden Gem Huntsman Idared
Jazz Jefferis Jersey Mac Jonagold
Jonamac Jonared Jonathan Junami
Karmijn de Sonnaville Kearsarge Keepsake Kiku
King of Tompkins County Knobbed Russet Lady Lady Alice
Lamb Abbey Pearmain Late Strawberry Liberty Lyscom
Macoun Maiden's Blush Malinda Marshall McIntosh
McIntosh McLellan Melba Melrose
Milton Mollie's Delicious Mother Mutsu (Crispin)
New Hampshire #8 Newtown Spitzenburg Northern Spy Nova
Opalescent Orleans Reinette Ortley Paragon
Paula Red Paw Paw Peck Pleasant Pewaukee
Pink Lady Pitmaston Pineapple Pomme Grise Porter
Primate Pristine Pumpkin Russet Pumpkin Sweet (Pound Sweet)
Quince of Cole Ralls Rambour Franc (Summer Rambo) Ramsdell Sweet
Red Astrachan Red Delicious Red Gravenstein Redcort
Redfield Redspy Reine de Pomme Reine de Reinette
Rhode Island Greening Ribston Pippin Rome Beauty Roxbury Russet
Royal Gala Rubens Salome Sansa
Seaconk Sweeting Shamrock Sheep's Nose Sheppard's Sweet
Shiawassee Shizuka Silken Smokehouse
Snow (Fameuse) Somerset of Maine Sonya Spartan
Spencer Spigold Stark Jumbo Stayman
Stone Summer Pearmain Suncrisp Sutton
Swaar Sweet Sixteen SweeTango Titus Pippin
Tolman Sweet Tremlett's Bitter Twenty Ounce Utter
Vandevere Vermont Gold Vista Bella Wagener
Washington Greening Washington Strawberry Wealthy Westfield Seek-No-Further
White Pippin Wickson Williams' Pride Winesap
Winter Banana Winter Pearmain Winthrop Greening Wolf River
Wright Yarlington Mill Yellow Bellflower Yellow Newtown Pippin
Yellow Transparent York Zabergau Reinette Zestar! (Zesta)