Apple Banana Scones with Red Gravensteins (and a good 2017 apple forecast)

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THERE’S NOTHING like a good scone for breakfast or a snack, lightly sweetened with fruit and with a crumbly, cake-like texture. But sometimes they can be a little dry, more …

Apple Raisin Cake with PaulaReds

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  APPLES AND RAISINS go extremely well together, as in this recipe for Apple Raisin Cake. I used three PaulaRed and one Pristine apple, two …

Table of apple pies by Geri Griswold (Russell Steven Powell photo)

The apple pies of our eyes

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THE APPLE’S unique status as a cultural icon takes on special meanings in America when baked in a pie. Apple pie, in fact, is synonymous …

Geri Griswold's pie made with Honeycrisp apples was a sweet hit. (Russell Steven Powell photo)

Apple pie time

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GET READY to reset your inner clocks this weekend, and turn up your ovens. With the holidays less than a month away, we are transitioning …


There is no ‘A’ in McIntosh

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MANY PEOPLE, and some orchards and supermarkets we have visited, want to stick an “a” between the capital “M” and small “c” of McIntosh. It …


The cult of Gravenstein

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MANY HEIRLOOM APPLES have one or more flaws that keep them from mass cultivation. It may be that the variety is biennial, producing crops every …

My favorite apple

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NEXT TO “What is the best pie apple?” the question I am asked the most — and which I frequently ask others — is “What …

What Is The Best Pie Apple?

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AFTER TWO MONTHS of intensive research, we are forced to admit failure — once again — in our perennial quest to definitively answer a question …

Trans-Atlantic Flair: European Apples In New England

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EUROPEAN COUNTRIES have produced only a few new apples in recent years. But several venerable heirlooms still grown in New England originated in France, Germany, …