Baldwin apples, Pine Hill Orchards, Colrain, Massachusetts (Russell Steven Powell)

Classic Heirlooms: Baldwin and Northern Spy

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THEY NO LONGER dominate the New England apple industry, but Baldwin and Northern Spy are two delicious heirlooms that remain in demand. These two large, …

New England’s apple crop approaching its peak

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A BRIEF TOUR of Vermont orchards Monday shows how New England’s 2016 apple crop is shaping up. Mid-season varieties like Cortland, Honeycrisp, and McIntosh are …

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan enjoys an apple at Mack's Apples in Londonderry, where she presented a proclamation for New England Apple Day. (Bar Lois Weeks photo)

Scenes from New England Apple Day

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NEW HAMPSHIRE Gov. Maggie Hassan, Rhode Island Chief of Agriculture Ken Ayars, Massachusetts Commissioner of Agriculture John Lebeaux, Massachusetts State Senator James Eldridge, and Jim …

The Unsung Jonagold Apple

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JONAGOLD is a bit of a mystery, more popular around the globe than here in the United States, where it was developed. Jonagold is an …

Assessing the 2012 New England Apple Crop (and Apple Muffins)

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IT’S DIFFICULT to draw a single conclusion about this year’s New England apple crop. While the region’s diverse geography and microclimates ensure some variability from year …