Discovered 1898 Geneva, New York
Parentage Ben Davis x McIntosh
Harvest Midseason

A large all-purpose apple with a deep, purple-red color and yellow streaks, Cortland is considered moderately juicy and fairly sweet compared to McIntosh. Its white flesh browns very slowly when sliced, making Cortlands a standout for salads. Writer Roger Yepsen describes Cortland as a "friendly" apple in his book Apples. "The flavor is tart and tangy," he writes, "but not emphatically so, and juicy. It is a good apple to accompany a sandwich." He recommends it for pies, sauce, and cider, too. Cortland ripen in late September or early October.


After the many attributes of McIntosh were discovered, plant breeders began crossing it with other varieties to enhance its traits. An early development was Cortland, a cross of McIntosh and Ben Davis at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York, 1898.

This apple is grown at 61 New England orchards