Sweet & Tart
Discovered 1861 Excelsior, Minnesota
Parentage Cherry Crab x unknown
Harvest Midseason

Wealthy is a fragrant red heirloom variety with wide red striping. Its white flesh, sometimes stained with red, is sweet, crisp, and juicy, and tart with a hint of strawberry. Its skin tends to be tough. Wealthy is a good pie, sauce, and cider apple. Harvest is early August to mid-September.


Minnesota farmer Peter Gideon grew the first Wealthy from seed of Siberian Crab in 1861 and named it after his wife, Wealthy (Hull) Gideon. Although it has decreased in popularity, a century ago, Wealthy was one of the nation's five most popular apples, as well as a prized New England variety.

This apple is grown at 6 New England orchards