Sweet & Tart
Discovered 1973 West Lafayette, Indiana
Parentage Golden Delicious x (Siberian Crab, Winesap, Melrose, Rome Beauty)
Harvest Late Season

GoldRush is as rich in color as it is in taste. Its skin is gold often mixed with some red and green, and its combination of high sugar and acid make it a rich, spicy, complex treat. This crunchy, aromatic apple is a late-season variety, ready for picking in October. An excellent keeper, GoldRush is an all-purpose apple.


Golden Delicious is the seed parent of GoldRush, with crosses of Siberian crab apple, Winesap, Melrose, and Rome Beauty. Its development began in 1945, but it took until 1973 for the first seedling to be planted at Purdue University by the cooperative breeding program of the Indiana, Illinois, and New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Stations. GoldRush was released in 1993 and given its name for its golden color and rush of delicious flavor.

This apple is grown at 3 New England orchards