Lady Alice

Discovered 1979 Gleed, Washington
Parentage Unknown
Harvest Late Season

Lady Alice is a large, round apple with heavy orange-red and pink striping over yellow skin. It has dense, juicy, flesh. Its sweet flavor, with a hint of citrus, develops further in storage. Lady Alice is an all-purpose apple, especially good in salads, as its flesh browns slowly when cut, and baking, as it holds its shape when cooked. This late season apple is a trademarked variety, and no growers in New England are currently licensed to grow it. It is usually available in New England markets in February.


Lady Alice is a chance seedling discovered in 1979 by Don Emmons in his Gleed, Washington orchard. While he was cultivating around his trees, a disc from his plow hit the base of a Red Delicious. The damaged tree sent out a new shoot that became Lady Alice. It was released commercially in 2009, and is sold exclusively by the Rainier Fruit Company and named for Alice Zirkle, who co-founded the company with her husband Lester.