Sweet & Tart
Discovered 1909 Geneva, New York
Parentage McIntosh x Yellow Transparent
Harvest Early Season

Milton is round-flat, medium sized, and red over green skin, with prominent white lenticels. Its soft-firm white flesh is aromatic and juicy, sweet with some tartness. It does not store well.


Milton was developed by Richard Wellington at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station and named for a small village in Ulster County, New York. “An orchard being in ‘order’ about that time, the little tree was carefully set and tended, and when it produced its first fruit it was found to be excellent, and Dorcas claimed it as her tree. When nephews and nieces grew up around her, the apple was called the Aunt Dorcas apple, from the claim she had upon it.” As she grew older and her grandchildren grew up, the apple took the name of Grandmother. In another part of the town it was called the Clothesyard apple.