Paula Red

Discovered 1960 Sparta Township, Michigan
Parentage Unknown
Harvest Early Season


Paula Red boasts a red color with light yellow striping and has a sweet tart flavor with a hint of strawberry. The firm flesh makes it a good fresh eating and cooking apple, especially good for a delicious, naturally pink applesauce and for pie making. It is an early season apple ripening in late August, and like most early apples, Paula Red does not keep for too long. Sometimes at the farm stand, Paula Red is mislabeled Early Mac, a 1923 Geneva, New York apple. Early Mac is a cross of Yellow Transparent and McIntosh. Early Macs are moderately firm and crisp and good for cooking and eating.


Paula Red is a relatively new variety, introduced in Sparta, Michigan in 1968. The grower, Lewis Arends, named the new variety after his wife, Pauline. He found the chance seedling in 1960 near a McIntosh block in his 80-acre orchard, so it is commonly thought that Paula Red may have McIntosh in its parentage.

This apple is grown at 21 New England orchards