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new england apple association

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Our nonprofit organization promotes the New England apple industry through educational and promotional events and projects. Our website introduces visitors to the wide variety of New England apples, the nutritional value of apples, and how apples are grown and prepared.


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Grandmother Lois's Apple Crisp

Rare, Strange, And Delicious: English Apples In New England

Bramley's Seedling apple (Bar Lois Weeks photo)

IT HAS NOT PRODUCED a new apple for a century. Its apples are typically small in one instance, no bigger than a golf ball.

Some are covered with russet, and one is famously misshapen. Several are notoriously difficult to grow. None of its varieties is grown in commercial quantities in New England.


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Pick-Your-Own Etiquette (video)
Learn Pick-Your-Own orchard etiquette for a successful visit to a New England apple orchard.

Packing New England

What happens to the apples not sold at the farm stand?

Proper Storage
of Apples

Tips for keeping your apples crisp and fresh


Cider Making
in New England

A visit to Carlson Orchards,

Harvard, Massachusetts

Pollination in New England
Apple Orchards

The buzz about why apples need honeybees



From flower to fruit:
the science of apples

Apples and the
New England family farm

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