Versatile Cortland a great choice for Apple Brownies

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MANY APPLES are described as “all purpose,” meaning that they are equally good eaten fresh, baked, cooked, or pressed into juice. But few can rival …

New England’s apple crop approaching its peak

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A BRIEF TOUR of Vermont orchards Monday shows how New England’s 2016 apple crop is shaping up. Mid-season varieties like Cortland, Honeycrisp, and McIntosh are …

Mutsu and Stayman among the year’s best late-season apples

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SOME OF THE BEST New England apples from the 2015 fresh harvest are still available in stores. Cortlands and McIntosh are remarkably crisp and flavorful …

Table of apple pies by Geri Griswold (Russell Steven Powell photo)

The apple pies of our eyes

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THE APPLE’S unique status as a cultural icon takes on special meanings in America when baked in a pie. Apple pie, in fact, is synonymous …

Suncrisp apples, Tougas Family Farm, Northborough, Massachusetts (Russell Steven Powell photo)

Good now, better later: Idared and Suncrisp

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SOME APPLES, like fine wines, improve with age. Two relatively new varieties, Suncrisp and Idared — are examples. Their flavor is good when first picked, …